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The National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association’s (NAPSA) 2017 Charity  Cup campaign drew to a close in late May after a successful two months of  fundraising. NAPSA members supported LIVIN, a non-profit charity organisation  founded to help eradicate the stigma surrounding mental illness. 

This year’s national fundraising target was eclipsed, with a total of $30,117.81 raised. LIVIN representative, Luke Foster, said,“Over $30,000 for the charity has left everyone with big smiles on their faces,” at NAPSA’s Annual Dinner in July, and conveyed his gratitude to each pharmacy student who participated in Charity Cup. Mr Foster announced the funds raised by NAPSA will be used to establish a new LIVIN website, which offers online support for those with mental illness.

Outgoing NAPSA Pharmacy Awareness Chair, Vasilios Sotiropoulos, described how  immensely proud he was of each branch’s pharmacy awareness chairs’ efforts to  help reach NAPSA’s fundraising goal. Mr Sotiropoulos said “It’s humbling to work  with incredible people to reach a common goal of addressing the issue of mental  health, and make the impact that we do nationwide.

Top End Pharmacy Students’ Association (TEPSA) in Darwin was announced as the  overall winner of Charity Cup 2017 with the highest donation per member value of  $17.80. Western Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (WAPSA) was  presented with the innovation award for their unique events, including a Harry  Potter-themed quiz night. The biggest contributions made this year were by Sydney  University Pharmacy Students (SUPA) with $6,822.45 and WAPSA with $6,107.97. 

NAPSA looks forward to continuing their annual Charity Cup campaign in 2018. 

Media contacts: Vasilios Sotiropoulos 0451 096 007

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