NAPSA Structure

Alicia Martin

Director of Professional Development

University of Canberra

My name is Alicia, and Iím a current third year Bachelor of Pharmacy student at the University of Canberra. Last year I was the Publications Chair for NAPSA and now I am the Director of Professional Development for NAPSA as well as the president of my local branch, the Canberra Student Pharmacy Association (CaSPA). Iíve been involved with both CaSPA and NAPSA since my first year, when I held three positions on the CaSPA committee, being the first year rep, the publications chair and the NAPSA rep. Iím really passionate about pharmacy and NAPSA so Iím super excited to be on the board of directors for the 2017/18 term.

My role on the board is to make educational opportunities available to our student members both face-to-face and online. I hope to create more opportunities for our members and get as many students involved with NAPSA as possible!

I strongly encourage all pharmacy students to get involved with both their local branches and NAPSA because youíll make amazing friends and your passion for pharmacy will explode!

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