NAPSA Structure

Stephanie Samios

Pharmacy Awareness

University of Queensland

Hello to all the Pharmacy students across Australia! My name is Stephanie Samios and I am the NAPSA Pharmacy Awareness Chair for the 2017/2018 term. I am so excited to be part of an organization that is run by students for the pharmacy students of Australia. I am a University of Queensland student and I have been involved in QPSA as a year-level representative and Pharmacy Awareness Representative.

I thoroughly enjoyed raising money as QPSA Pharmacy Awareness Rep for our nominated charity and encouraging students to donate blood for the Health Students Blood Drive. I look forward to the challenge of us reaching and even surpassing previous goals attained by our united Pharmacy student bodies and, more importantly, raising awareness of the pharmacy profession through increased student involvement in NAPSA campaigns.

I hope in my time as the NAPSA Pharmacy Awareness Chair in 2017/2018, I can work with my subcommittee in continuing the amazing previous work of promoting networking opportunities for pharmacy students across Australia, both with each other as well as other industry stakeholders. I also hope that together we can inspire greater pride and understanding of the vital role that pharmacists play in healthcare and the diverse opportunities that our qualifications will open doors to.

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