Industrial Affairs


The industrial affairs committee endeavours to work closely with the pharmaceutical industry to ensure our members are up to date with the current issues and challenges that face the pharmacy profession.


The dynamic nature of the pharmacy profession requires students to continually update their knowledge and be aware of changes that may influence the way they practice as a pharmacist in the future. The industrial affairs committee work not only to provide our members with news relating to changes within the profession, but also give advice on how to best adapt to these changes. Working closely with various organisations within the industry such as the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia will allow the IA committee to relay invaluable hints and advice to our members.

The online National Pharmacy Students Survey (NPSS) is another initiative of the IA committee designed to identify and address issues directly relevant to pharmacy students. Each year students are invited to complete the NPSS and give their views on a range of topics spanning from the pharmacy curriculum to rural placements and future employment. The results from this survey help us to identify any issues, queries or concerns amongst students and give us an opportunity to implement positive change. Following the NPSS NAPSA develop policies and position statements that reflect the views of our members.

The IA committee welcomes thoughts and suggestions at any time regarding our goals and objectives and the NPSS. We also encourage our members to provide us with feedback regarding your experiences with IA related activities.