History of VPSA

The Victorian Pharmacy Student’s Association is one of the oldest and most prominent associations of its type in Australia. From humble, yet enthusiastic beginnings, since its inception in 1947, VPSA has thrived on the energy and enthusiasm of its members, its committee and the generous partnerships forged with industry over the years.

VPSA is located at the world-renowned Victorian College of Pharmacy that makes up the Parkville Campus of Monash University. Established in 1881 the College is at the cutting edge of pharmaceutical innovation and development as well as teaching. It is this passion for development that VPSA strives to reflect in the vocational development services and opportunities it offers its members. VPSA’s ethos revolves around providing pharmacy students with exposure to professional practice and awareness of relevant practical issues.

VPSA is a non-profit organisation at the State level of the National Australian Pharmacy Student’s Association (NAPSA), which in turn is associated with the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF). Consequentially, we are at the ‘nuts and bolts’ tier of an integrated global pharmaceutical student’s society. VPSA’s ethos is based on the drive to establish professional awareness, in association with our corporate partners within the student body and particularly our membership.

VPSA endeavors to:

  • Promote good fellowship amongst the Members of the Association
  • Promote discussion of professional pharmacy issues to members
  • Encourage and facilitate interaction between pharmacists and pharmacy students
  • Relate organisations, industry representatives and students on both educational and social levels
  • Promote the vocational opportunities available to members in all fields of Pharmacy
  • Facilitate contact with Pharmacy students nationwide and worldwide through the National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association and the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation
  • Advance the standing of the pharmacy profession in the community
  • Liaise with education providers and sponsors in order to provide high quality education programs and industry related services to members

Benefits of VPSA Membership:

Our non-profit association endeavours to provide relevant vocational guidance and educational support, through a series of publications, seminars and workshops relevant to pharmacy students. Our product training events include

  • Movicol
  • FLO sinus
  • Ethical Nutrients
  • Karicare
  • Nestlé
  • Ego
  • Wound care
  • First Aid
  • Blackmore's

Another equally important facet of VPSA's involvement with the student body are the social events we host to enrich university life for pharmacy students. These social events include:

  • Movie Night
  • Boat Cruise
  • Pharmacy ½ way dinner
  • Pub Crawl’s
  • Allied health UV paint party

To fulfill our objective of raising awareness of pertinent pharmacy related issues and providing appropriate vocational and educational guidance to our members, VPSA provides key annual events such as:

  • Charity cup
  • Vampire cup
  • Info Night

Payment Details:

VPSA membership prices vary depending on what year level you are entering.

1st year: $70 for 4 year membership
2nd year: $50 for 3 year membership
3rd year: $30 for 2 year membership
4th year: $20 for 1 year membership

Membership is valid temporarily, and will be confirmed when payment has been received and processed by the VPSA secretary. You'll receive email notification once your payment has been processed.

  1. If paying by cash: contact VPSA to arrange a meeting by emailing vpsa.secretary@gmail.com or messaging the VPSA facebook page to pay in person
  2. If paying via netbank, do the transfer then send a screenshot of your receipt to the VPSA facebook page or to vpsa.secretary@gmail.com. The netbank details are as follows:
    Account name: Victorian Pharmacy Students' Association (or just "VPSA" if it doesn't all fit)
    BSB: 033174
    Account no: 223280
    Reference/Description: Student name + Membership (e.g. Shefali Parekh Membership)
  3. Await confirmation of membership and enjoy the perks!