History of SUPA

S.H. Stroud first founded the Sydney University Pharmacy Association (SUPA) under the name Sydney University Pharmaceutical Association in 1920. The club was founded as a social and representative body for pharmacy students at the University of Sydney studying the materia medica; the qualification that allowed one to practice pharmacy prior to the current requirements. In 1948, SUPA became a founding member of the National Australian Pharmacy Students Association (NAPSA).

In 1963 SUPA was revised under the name Sydney University Pharmacy Association by Les Cashen AM. Les Cashen led the revival of NAPSA during this period and served as NAPSA president. Other noticeable alumni of SUPA include Simon Bell previous SUPA secretary and IPSF President 2003/4 and Claire O? Reilly previous Treasurer and current National Vice President of the PSA.

Today, as the largest branch of NAPSA, SUPA represents and provides a diverse range of educational and social events to over 700 members, and over 1300 pharmacy students.

SUPA endeavors to:

SUPA endeavors to serve the interests of its members by:

  • Represent USYD pharmacy students, acting in the best interests of its members
  • Provide opportunities for further professional development to our members by supplementing the Faculty curriculum
  • Promote good relations amongst all members of SUPA
  • Provide access to essential references and equipment for our members
  • Encourage active participation in NAPSA and IPSF – promoting national and international contact with other pharmacy students
  • Assist members with administrative and academic problems in conjunction with the Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Act as a point of contact to connect students with larger organisations and opportunities
  • Provide a range of employment opportunities through good rapport with pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Not actively gain any profit from SUPA related activities
  • Organise subsidized social and educational events for members

Benefits of SUPA Membership:

  • Access to educational courses - complementary medicines, wound care and first aid courses
  • SUPA careers night, SHPA hospital pharmacy night
  • SUPAC – an annual educational careers conference for USYD Pharmacy students
  • Automatic membership to NAPSA and IPSF
  • Discounted prices for textbooks and educational material
  • Second-hand book sales
  • Participation in sporting events such as interfaculty sport and charity matches
  • Social events including BBQ's, pub crawl's, trivia night's, cruise's
  • Invitation to NAPSA annual congress
  • Networking opportunities with various professional bodies including the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, PSA, PDL, PPA, SHPA and Mediadvice
  • Access to a variety of professional publications including Australian Prescriber, Australian Pharmacist and NPS Medicinewise factsheets
  • Access to ePlacebo and the Mortar newsletters
  • Merchandise including hoodies and t-shirts


Payment Details:

SUPA consists of two membership categories:

  • Bachelor - $65
  • Masters - $35

Both are a once off payment, with membership lasting the duration of your degree.

Payment Options:
SUPA offers two main payment options, direct deposit or in person.

Direct Debit:
Transfer the correct amount to the Sydney University Pharmacy Association account with the same student number you entered in the NAPSA registration form as the transfer description.

BSB: 062-284
Account Number: 00900906
Please email a confirmation copy to:

Cash or Cheque:
Please bring the correct amount to the SUPA office located in the Pharmacy and Bank Building (A15). Office hours are from 12-2pm weekdays.

Are you an ACCESS Member?
If you have an Access card please include the card number in your confirmation email.