History of SAPSA

The South Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (SAPSA) was first established in November 1923 at the University of Adelaide, where South Australia’s Pharmacy School remained for over half a century. It then moved to the South Australian Institute of Technology (SAIT). In 1991 the SAIT became the University of South Australia, where SAPSA finds itself based today.

SAPSA is a non-for-profit organisation representing approximately 400 pharmacy students at the University of South Australia, the state’s only pharmacy school.  SAPSA plays an integral role in many facets of university life, providing for its members academic and social events, as well as opportunity for professional networking and development. 


SAPSA endeavors to:

  • Provide representation to      all facets of the academic and professional structure of the pharmacy      industry.
  • Facilitate local      implementation on behalf of the National Australian Pharmacy      Students' Association (NAPSA) and the International Pharmacy      Students' Federation (IPSF). 
  • Promote pharmacy awareness      within the community.
  • To provide further      educational opportunities to pharmacy students through external resources.     

Benefits of SAPSA Membership:

Social Events- discounted prices for members:

  • Orientation activities
  • Two pub crawls each year
  • Quiz night
  • Annual Pharmacy Ball
  • Free BBQs each term
  • Charity Events

Education Sessions- discounted or free

  • Wound Care
  • First Aid
  • Complementary Medicines
  • Biennial Careers Night
  • Biennial Pharmacy Profession Awareness Day
  • Range of guest speakers and professional information nights

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